Amazon FBA Shipping Supplies: Your Key to Success

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Amazon FBA Advanced Strategies & Growth

Ever tried putting together a puzzle with missing pieces? That’s how it feels when you’re starting an Amazon FBA business without the right Amazon fba shipping supplies. It’s like sailing into the unknown, hoping for land but seeing only water. You know there must be more to this adventure, but what?

We’ve all been there. The early days of becoming an Amazon seller can feel like deciphering a code written in invisible ink.

Fear not! In this labyrinth of bubble wrap and poly bags, where suffocation warning labels seem to lurk behind every corner, I promise you – clarity is coming!

You’ll soon discover essential tips on choosing your shipping boxes wisely and understanding labeling nuances that could save you from potential pitfalls. With these insights under your belt… let’s just say smoother seas are ahead.

Feeling curious? Let’s dive deeper!

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Table Of Contents:

Understanding Amazon FBA Shipping Supplies

The world of Amazon FBA can seem like a labyrinth, especially when it comes to packaging and shipping inventory. But grasping the rudiments is simpler than it looks.

A crucial aspect of sending shipments to an Amazon fulfillment center involves selecting suitable shipping boxes. The size of the box should be adequate to fit your product but not so voluminous that it becomes unmanageable or results in additional delivery fees.

Beyond just boxes, poly bags are another common type of FBA packaging required by many sellers. These need suffocation warning labels on them—a requirement that’s non-negotiable if you want your products safely stored in the warehouse.

Essential Shipping Boxes for Amazon FBA

Sending shipments to an Amazon Fulfillment Center needs careful thought. Not just any box will do. You need specific shipping boxes, also known as FBA boxes.

Large Boxes – Their Importance and Use Cases

The choice of your box type matters greatly in the world of Amazon sellers. For instance, large boxes are often recommended when dealing with bulkier items or larger quantities.

The most common types acceptable by Amazon include regular slotted cartons, B flute, ECT-32, and 200BH. Where can you find these boxes? Some savvy sellers manage to source free boxes from local grocery stores but if that’s not an option for you; don’t worry.

You can always purchase them in bulk from suppliers like Uline which caters specifically to businesses needing shipping supplies.

Poly Bags

Getting your Amazon FBA shipping supplies right is critical, but there’s more to it than just boxes. Enter poly bags.

Sure, you might be thinking “Polybags? They’re all the same.” But hold on. They are not ordinary plastic bags — these are specifically crafted for packing and boast self-sealing capabilities to ensure safety and adhere to standards. Specialized poly bags designed for packaging come equipped with self-sealing features that help ensure product safety while meeting necessary regulations.

There is one big rule to follow when working with poly bags. Poly bags must have a suffocation warning. Packaging products in poly bags with suffocation warnings isn’t just a recommendation – it’s crucial for compliance with Amazon FBA guidelines. Plus, they offer extra protection for your items during transit.

Labeling and Printing Supplies for Amazon FBA

The secret sauce to a smooth Amazon FBA operation lies in your labeling and printing supplies. Ever heard of the Brother Laser printer? Many Amazon sellers swear by it because of its low initial price, minimal upkeep costs, and longevity.

Utilizing Dymo Labels in Your Business

You may ask why you need a label printer like Dymo. Let me tell you this – it’s not just about slapping labels on packages. It’s more than that. For one thing, printing your own Amazon FNSKU labels can save money big time.

Rollo and Zebra are other popular choices among successful sellers. But hey. Don’t take my word for it – test these bad boys out yourself.

Packaging Accessories for Amazon FBA

Prepping products for Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) isn’t just about boxes and labels. Other useful items can be used to make the job simpler and more effective.

The Role of Scotty Peelers in Product Prep

If you’re into retail arbitrage, a Scotty Peeler is your best friend. It helps to remove price stickers without leaving any sticky residue behind. Add some Ronsonol Lighter Fluid, let it soak a bit, then watch as the sticker slides right off.

A 3″ tape dispenser too is an essential tool when sealing up those shipping boxes. With one swift motion, you get a clean cut and perfectly sealed box ready for shipment.

In essence, these small accessories play significant roles in prepping shipments efficiently.

Weighing and Measuring Tools for Amazon FBA

As an Amazon seller, you know the importance of accurate weight measurements. Getting this wrong can lead to unexpected shipping fees that eat into your profits. Good thing there are reliable tools out there ready to lend a hand.

A trusty bathroom scale might be all you need if you’re dealing with lightweight items. For heavier loads though, it’s smart to invest in a dedicated shipping scale. This is where postage scales and package scales come into play.

Now, let’s talk size: knowing your package dimensions matters too – hello platform scales. With one at hand, calculating dimensional weight becomes less of a headache because we want every cent saved on those pesky shipping costs.

Prepping services, anyone? You’ll thank me later when your shipments arrive safely without any hiccups.

Additional Tips and Recommendations for Amazon FBA Shipping Supplies

Selling on Amazon FBA can feel like a retail arbitrage adventure. But, it doesn’t have to be daunting if you use the right shipping supplies.

The choice of your shipping box is vital. Whether you opt for an Amazon FBA box or any other large box, make sure it fits your products well. Proper packaging not only helps in safe transit but also gives a professional touch to your business.

Next comes bubble wrap and poly bags – they’re lifesavers when it comes to protecting delicate items. Don’t forget the suffocation warning labels though; they are required by Amazon.

Take advantage of free delivery options from carriers like UPS in association with Amazon to save money.

Remember: Every cent saved adds up in this competitive marketplace.

FAQs in Relation to Amazon Fba Shipping Supplies

Does Amazon supply shipping material for FBA?

No, sellers need to get their own supplies. But, they can use the FBA Prep Service which takes care of packaging.

Does Amazon provide shipping supplies for sellers?

Amazon doesn’t give out free shipping materials. Sellers must source and buy their own according to guidelines.

Does Amazon FBA package items for you?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) does handle storage and delivery, but sellers are responsible for preparing products before sending them in.

What items need to be poly bagged for Amazon FBA?

If your item is prone to dust or damage, it should go into a poly bag with a suffocation warning label on it.


Amazon FBA shipping supplies – you’ve learned the ropes. You now understand the importance of using suitable shipping boxes and how poly bags with suffocation warning labels protect your products.

You’re aware that precise labeling is a game-changer, saving you from unnecessary headaches at Amazon’s fulfillment center. And let’s not forget about packaging accessories like Scotty Peelers to make prep work a breeze!

Your tool kit is expanding: weighing scales for accurate measurements, Brother Laser Printers for crisp labels… The world of an Amazon seller just got clearer.

The journey has been insightful; there’s more than meets the eye when sending shipments through FBA. Now go forth, apply these insights, and sail smoother in your Amazon FBA voyage!

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